SSL Certificates

Dear Client, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.  However, if your website does not have an SSL Certificate, modern browsers will be flagging your website as unsecure by displaying a ‘Not Secure’  notice in the URL bar. This is a global move by Google to help make the web more secure. This move will have an impact on your ... Read More »

11th Sep 2018
CrossMedia Revolutionizes Quotations

Your time and money are valuable, and we at CrossMedia understand this. That is why we have innovated a new Online Estimate System. This system allows you to select only the services you require from us, creating a quote right then and there.   Our rates are some of the most competitive in the industry, and our Online Estimate System allows you ... Read More »

6th Apr 2017
Now Available - Assisted Hosting

We are making hosting simple again. Assisted Hosting features a combination of critical services which are traditionally offered separately. These include: Hosting, Maintenance and Security.Hosting - This is like renting an apartment for your website. This is where all your files are stored and served up to visitors. This apartment block is ... Read More »

27th Mar 2017

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