Dear Client,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.  However, if your website does not have an SSL Certificate, modern browsers will be flagging your website as unsecure by displaying a ‘Not Secure’  notice in the URL bar. This is a global move by Google to help make the web more secure. This move will have an impact on your site’s visibility on Google Search, in addition to turning away your website visitors.

The purpose of SSL Certificates are as follows:-

  • They provide trust - they allow visitors to know that your site is secure and safe.

  • They provide authentication - when information is submitted to your site, it ensures that it is sent privately and securely.

  • They encrypt sensitive information - bank information, credit card information, passwords and emails are encrypted and sent so that no one else has access to it.

  • It is necessary for online purchasing/accepting payments.

  • Guards against phishing - phishing emails don’t contain https links, so your clients know to look out for official emails from you containing https.

  • Offers added brand power - allows the use of site seals/lets everyone know that you’re legitimate and the real deal and finally browsers are now listing your site as ‘not secure’ if you don’t use an SSL certificate.

We strongly urge you to purchase a certificate for your website today. We are therefore offering a special pricing on all SSL Certificates.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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