Amplify your brand voice with Seven Streams of influence

This transformational program equips you with a fully integrated website, customer relationship management (CRM) system, and your own client portal including courses and community management.

A 12 Week Transformational Journey

During this immersive transformational training, CrossMedia partners with you to craft and refine your message and brand; your book and course; your client portal and eCommerce facilities. This includes creating content, designing marketing materials, and setting up your entire online infrastructure.

What you get:

A Fully Integrated Website

You get a modern multi-page website as an online hub for all seven stream activities.

A Powerful CRM

A powerful all-in-one platform to manage contacts, appointments, marketing, and document signing.

Your own Client Portal

Your customers will have access to a secure online portal to access your courses and community.

24/7 Tech Support

Tailor our solutions to align with your unique business processes, ensuring maximum efficiency and scalability.

What you will accomplish:

Publish a Book

We’ll help you refine your topic, craft an outline, and even articulate the initial content for your revision.

Create a Course

We’ll help with your presentation, materials, offer advice and even help with recording.

Launch an Online Store

We’ll help you setup your first 15 items and configure your own eCommerce store for success.

Optimize your Operations

We’ll work with you to outline and automate your workflow processes to accelerate your business growth.

7 ways to engage your audience

Using our proven framework to engage your audience across these seven streams will accelerate your journey towards becoming a leading figure in your field.

7 Streams Program
Coaching & Consulting
Brian King


Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

This is a comprehensive outline of CrossMedia’s seven streams program. It reveals how you can use the various streams to effectively amplify your brand voice and spread your message. This ebook addresses:

Operating the natural and spiritual world simultaneously
How your brand message is shaped by the pains of your audience
A detailed first look at how CrossMedia delivers the seven streams
Important next steps to joining the program

No more delays!

Now is the time to embrace the future you always imagined.

7 Streams
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