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Get the full support of our management team for course design, administration and even instruction. Work smart and not hard with our Managed Learning Platform.

Mastery is Supported by a virtual team of instructional designers, content creation professionals and developers.

There's a growing demand for measurable ROI from staff training initiatives. Managers want a clear connection between performance and training. That's why we've made it even easier to track and anazlye both. Build training programs and map them directly to job descriptions and performance appraisals. 

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Learning at your own pace.

Learners can securely access classrooms and courses from anywhere with both live and recorded presentations from facilitators. Course materials and assessments can be accessed on their own schedule and pace. 

Generate new reports.

Quickly generate reports straight from your customized dashboard. Manage all the information on learners, instructors, classes, and schedules in one easy to use interface.

Built in Performance Appraisals.

Finally, a direct link between learning and trackable results! Managers and their teams are now able to set expectations, monitor progress and assign training as needed from one unified platform.  

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"I've always struggled with getting the most out of my team. Now I can easily assign training and track the resulting work."

Barton, PointSource Networks

"Being able to keep learners data from course to course allows consults to better guide training over multiple projects"

Alison, Teacher and Trainer

Learning is becoming increasingly numbers driven. Decision makers need data to strategize their next steps. Mastery delivers a unified platform to create and assign courses and map them to performance. 

Get a free demo of our Managed Learning Platform