Systems for Governments

High Volume solutions with Multi-Layered Security and Level one Tech Support.

Informational Solutions

CrossMedia designs Information systems are to help governments create efficiencies throughout their ministries and extend those efficiencies to their citizens. We will help you leverage data across your ministries to streamline your day to day processes, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Transactional Solutions

CrossMedia develops customized easy to use transactional solutions to support a full-range of customer tracking, payment, billing, collections, data collection, marketing and other business-management functions. We can also provide API for Integration with other systems to ensure full connectivity across platforms.

Community Solutions

CrossMedia offers consultation, management and execution of national campaigns and behavior modification initiatives designed to build up communities. We are passionate about change and have worked with Regional Change Management Experts and influencers. Our experience in Digital Marketing, Media Production and the Web equips us to engineer impact across platform solutions to reach people from all walks of life.


All of these solutions are built on scalable infrastructure with iron clad security to facilitate the safety, growth and expansion of any initiative.
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