“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.”M.C. Escher

We are CrossMedia

A Website & Application Development Company

CrossMedia is a creative communications agency with over 20 years of experience in design and development. We have built ‘real world’ solutions for a wide variety of clients across the globe.

It is this wealth of experience we bring to your next project. For us no solution is generic. We review your requests and assemble the best tools and techniques to meet your needs.


Head of Development


Head of Design


Head of Support

Design & Media

Creative, Modern and Professional. Our approach to design communications is first and foremost about clarity. From branding and advertising design to video production and presentations, our focus is always about conveying a clean clear message that accurately reflects your brand or product.

Websites & Apps

We deliver mobile ready web solutions based on current web development standards. Moreover, we develop backend business systems to monitor and manage your corporate activity by department. Having your website integrated with your day to day operations will give you the edge on your competition.

Hosting & Support

The platform and technology you choose to host your website or app on is very important. We offer a full range of hosting and maintenance services to keep you at peak efficiency. Our content support includes: writing, proofing and editing.


Whatever service you access, we strongly suggest you also have a strategy with projections, clear expectations and performance indicators. Our consultants can help you shape a business development and integration strategy for any of our services.

How we work.

1 EVALUATION: We begin each project by exploring your specific needs. Not the generic requests, "Give us a website or ad" but the deeper hope of what you are trying to accomplish. In this phase we explore the scope, expectations, overarching goals, key performance indicators, best solutions and any special integration needs your project may require.

2 PRODUCTION: Drawing from the evaluation process, we conceptualize and design the most appropriate solutions. While the production process may vary based on your specific solution, you can expect the high quality of service to remain consistent from design and media to development and hosting. Various stages of production will require your approval.

3 SUPPORT: The completion, development and launch of your project is just the beginning. Announcing your new project is like saying, 'Hello world!' Like any good conversationalist, you then listen to the response to determine what you say next. Our support team will provide you with the tools to monitor, analyze and respond to your customers' needs.