Our Work

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  • SOS brand design
    Service Operating Solutions
    A high end business consultancy with elite public and private sector clients throughout the Caribbean Region.
  • COB's Publication
    COB - Premier Pinnacle Campaign
    COB is among Barbados' larger financial institutions.
  • CMP website sample
    Canada Metals Multisite
    CMP is one of the largest manufactures of marine products in the world.
  • MCI brand design
    My Child & I project
    MCI is dedicated to helping parents, guardians and the wider community improve their parenting/caring approaches.
  • NABNA's Publication
    NABNA Conference Booklet
    NABNA is a US based organization with active chapters across America.
  • Donna Every website sample
    Donna Every
    Donna is a prolific author, motivational speaker and business consultant.
  • NABNA materials
    NABNA Golf Challenge
    NABNA promotes various activities to raise funds for the various scholarships and community efforts it supports.
  • MCI website sample
    My Child & I Website
    MCI has a TV show, public workshops and now it's online family resource centre.
  • Agrofest theme design
    Barbados' largest agricultural exhibit, receiving over 55,000 patrons from across the caribbean annually.
  • Donna's Publication
    Tessa Takes the Challenge
    This innovative approach to learning required various additional presentations and promotional materials.
  • NABNA website sample
    NABNA website
    NABNA needed a web presence that reflected their professionalism and integrity.
  • Shamar website sample
    Shamar Estates Real Estate
    An emerging leader in property sales and management in the Caribbean.